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The First Step to Cultivating a Sustainable Leadership Style in 2024

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The New Year has begun and change is buzzing in the air. We often begin a new year with lofty goals and resolutions for ourselves about the ways we want to show up differently, especially as leaders. But how often are we still as committed to those resolutions by spring? How can we integrate new goals and habits into our lives that actually last?

The biggest question to ask yourself is, what is the driving force behind your choices? Is it shame that comes up when you feel like you aren’t doing enough? Is it the fear of letting down or embarrassing yourself in front of others? Is it spite for the ways you have been hurt in the past? How do these drivers then shape your leadership style? 

While shame, fear and spite are powerful motivators, they are not sustainable drivers of change within our lives. Nor do they produce sustainable outcomes for leaders. 

When guilt and shame stop working for us as motivators, we aren’t given a roadmap of what other resources we can rely on to motivate us. What does it look like to approach the changes we make from a sustainable perspective?

The secret to cultivating a sustainable leadership style is to build habits that extend kindness, compassion and care toward yourself. Self-compassion is the most renewable source of strength and resilience. Self-acceptance is the most sustainable motivator. It’s no coincidence that it is the hardest habit to keep up–especially if you haven’t been taught how to maintain that habit as a child.

Sustainable change and expansion comes from a place of safety. We can cultivate sustainable change and expansion by taking routine action to make our own bodies sites of safety. What active steps do you take to cultivate softness and safety into your life, and especially your body?

Nourishment that extends beyond our basic needs of food, water, and shelter is a strong source of renewal that keeps us fueled even when life’s challenges drain us. Kindness to ourselves is the biggest source of nourishment we have control over. How do you show yourself kindness, especially in the face of your imperfections and feelings of inadequacy?

Embodying these habits as a leader creates a ripple effect throughout all the people in your life. Put in the work to build habits of kindness, self compassion and care and you will reap the rewards in achieving goals in alignment with your highest good throughout the year.

Learn how to build sustainable leadership strategies through Roadmap to Reclamation, a 6 month program that uses self-reflective astrology to teach you how to create a life for yourself that centers your agency, healing, and fulfillment at the forefront.

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