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Why I Love Astrology for Newcomers or Enthusiasts

Whether you know nothing about astrology or have had readings in the past, do you know the full potential of how astrology can help you identify and reclaim your personal power? 

In my Astrology practice, I work with a decent split of astrology newcomers and enthusiasts. Whether you know absolutely nothing about astrology, or have had readings in the past, my practice offers you grounding clarity from a Queer, collective, ecofeminist, disability-justice centered lens. Sessions with me are highly effective, efficient and filled with tangible guidance to teach you how to trust and support yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In both cases, you will learn how to recognize and deconstruct the societal messaging you have internalized and take control of your narrative to maximize your personal power.

I love reading for newcomers because I can set the tone for how you understand and approach astrology. Being the first person to give you an astrology reading, I get to introduce you to the world of astrology through my self reflective, historically informed lens. This means that the reading will be focused on self reflection instead of a deterministic prediction, with your agency as a person at the forefront. 

We also locate your birth chart and your life within a cultural and historical context which can help you understand your place in the world and society’s messaging that you absorb. I focus on making the terminology of astrology not only understandable but relatable to your life. Readings with me help you see yourself more clearly, develop a language to understand the complexities of your human experience and build systems to support and trust yourself.

What my clients are saying:

“...not a predictive reading, rather a collaborative one with the understanding that I have agency in my own future.“
“I absolutely loved that she took the time to explain some key placements on my chart, especially for a beginner like me. Although I still have a lot left to learn, I feel like I have a better understanding of myself and how my mind operates after the reading.”
“Shruti’s vast understanding and acuity in chart and transit reading was very clear. Her analysis was organized, thoughtful and more so, understandable for an astrology newcomer. She was able to explain what each aspect of my chart meant and was able to make it relatable to my own life.”

I also love reading for people who have received readings before, or who are astrology enthusiasts because my approach can take you deeper into your practice and provide insights and strategies you most likely have not thought of before. If you’ve had readings before, sessions with me can give you a more thorough and practical understanding of your placements and how they interact with each other.

If you’ve had bad experiences with astrology before, my approach to astrology centers your agency at the forefront and can be healing. If you are an astrology enthusiast, reading with me can help you consider perspectives you missed. Either way, you’ll walk away with a solid plan of action for how to practically apply the information you glean from your chart to your life. 

What my clients are saying:

“I initially came into the reading with some prior knowledge about astrology/my birth chart but she really helped me understand the concepts… She also gave me great suggestions in regards to healing and coping with some of my birth chart placements that I would never have thought to do.”
“I have had many wonderful astrology readings, but I felt I was lacking in guidance on how to make it really applicable to my everyday life, especially the ways I could bring astrology into my own healing path. Shruti’s reading did not disappoint! She highlighted so many insights that were new to me, particularly in relation to my 12th house placements which I had struggled to access consciously. I left the reading with some tangible routines and deeper understanding of what had been getting in my way.”

Regardless of whether you’re a newcomer or an avid enthusiast, my work’s focus is grounded in historical and present day reality with a queer, ecofeminist, and disability justice centered lens. I do not identify as a predictive astrologer, rather a self reflective one. Instead of stoking fear of the future, we use astrology to cultivate self trust in our ability to build systems that carry ourselves and each other through whatever comes next.

I do not practice a deterministic or even predictive approach to astrology. Rather I identify as a Reflective Astrologer who uses a thorough study of historical and philosophical context combined with a Queer, ecofeminist, disability-justice lens.

I do not seek to cultivate dependency on my work, nor do I sensationalize astrology to elicit an emotional response from you. Instead I facilitate consistent space to teach you practical, self reflective and accessible tools that enable you to create self trust in your intuitive ability to move through whatever comes next.

My workshops, one on one readings and coaching programs have all been cultivated to acutely challenge the linear, deterministic outlook on life that has been normalized for centuries with your rights, agency and accessibility needs as a human being at the forefront.

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