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One Time Readings, Reoccurring Coaching, and Monthly Workshops


Roadmap to Reclamation

A six month one-on-one coaching program for high achievers that teaches you how to build systems to create emotional space for change.


Across twelve 90-minute sessions, we'll deep dive into practical and accessible ways to use the unique and customized nature of your birth chart as a tool for self reflective healing and growth.


Join Roadmap to Reclamation to learn how to carry yourself through life’s transitions and cultivate self trust in your ability to navigate your path ahead with decisive confidence.

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One Time Readings

One Time Readings use Self-Reflective Astrology to explore what your unique birth chart has to say about any and all topics, including your life purpose, stress management, and money matters.

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Community Workshops

Monthly New Moon Manifestation Workshops create a safe space to hone in on where your focus is best served at each New Moon. Rituals, journaling exercise and other activities are recommended based on the moon’s journeys through the sky. 

 By meeting collectively to set intentions every month, these workshops facilitate consistent space to show our nervous systems that together we can co-create a new future for ourselves.

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