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Lilith Workshop

March 19th or 26th, 2022

Lilith is one manifestation of an archetype representing all the ways patriarchy has damaged our connections to our maternal lineages of community care.


This workshop is an introduction for all* on how we can tap into our relationship to this archetype, and reconnect our unique and personal creative processes with our ancestral lineages. We will learn about and deconstruct Lilith’s complex, interlocking histories and use in astrology as a tool for self reflection and growth.


(Signing up for the Patreon Darling Root tier gives you automatic access to all workshops and backlog library—if you sign up for this tier you do not need to sign up for the workshops!)

Image of blue haired brown person sitting on a chair at dusk in a forest with lightning bugs all around

We’ll talk about how this archetype was created to shove all of the consequences of the patriarchy under the rug. One of those consequences being the disruption of the care chain, which affects the way everyone in the world cares for each other. 


We will also be discussing the phenomenon where a person gets ostracized, scapegoated, and sacrificed as the sole representation of society’s darkest sins. The darkest sins being the decision to not perform the roles assigned to us at birth. 


We will be taking the history of this archetype as well as the astrological context to ground these lessons into our personal lives for healing, and understanding our place in the bigger picture. 


We are meeting to sit with Lilith, honor Lilith, and challenge the narratives that have been crafted around her. 


The focus is going to be on healing and dismantling the framework that we are so familiar with. We will be reframing our relationship to Lilith through a customized astrological approach based on your chart.

Join me in rejoicing and reclaiming our matrilineal care chain in ways that are accessible to us today.


*You must be 18 years of age or older to sign up for the Lilith Workshop due to the sensitive topics discussed. (Please see Trigger Warnings for more info)


Signing up for this workshop gets you:

  • Access to the live video workshop and following live Q&A

  • Lifetime access to the workshop recording which will be emailed to you after the workshop


Trigger warnings:

  • Lilith covers some of the darkest capacities of human existence. This workshop has a trigger warning for discussions of violence, specifically violence against women and violence against vulnerable people as a whole. 

  • I will be using examples from popular media to illustrate how prevalent the Lilith archetype is within patriarchal communities worldwide. None of the examples used will show graphic imagery; however, we will be discussing plotlines, devices, and the public’s response.


*A portion of proceeds will go to the Texas Lilith fund for abortions.

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