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Bleeding Hearts Club

Alchemizing Pain into Something Beautiful Together

Join Stevie and Shroot as we hold a mirror to our bleeding hearts through tarot and astrology from a queer, collective, ecofeminist, disability justice centered lens. In this podcast, we answer audience questions, which you can submit to the email linked in our show notes and use tarot and astrology as reflective tools to give you insight about yourself, other people and the world around you. New episodes drop every other Tuesday on YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts!

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Who this Podcast is for:

The Bleeding Hearts club is a podcast and community focused on bringing people together who give so much of themselves to others, want so much for themselves and are scared to tap into receiving.

Want your question featured on the pod?

Email us your question to be answered on the Bleeding Hearts Club! Email us a short question and feel free to include your birth date (time, day and year) as well as your birth city/country and we'll give you a mini joint Astrology and Tarot reading!

Email us at bleedingheartsclub.pod ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com

Dance with Datura

Bloom, even in the dark! Join Stevie and Shroot for a joint Tarot and Astrology session to unpack and explore how best to honor the current season of your life with loving kindness and practical strategies.

About Us


Shroot (she/her/he/him) is a tropical astrologer practicing in the US. She offers natal chart astrology readings, private coaching, and educational community workshops. His readings are a collaborative process invoking his background in formal study of international history and political economy with an emphasis on collective, queer, ecofeminist and disability-centered justice. His self-reflective approach to astrology helps you build systems to create emotional space for wherever you go next.

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About Us


Stevie (they/she) is a queer, non-binary, and neurodivergent Filipinx/Mexican Social Worker and spiritual practitioner based in Long Beach/Tongva Land. They offer trauma- and resilience-informed tarot readings that are rooted in collaboration and love.


They are passionate about reconnecting with Indigenous and traditional Filipino and Mexican practices that support others through times of transition, grief and loss, and death and dying. Stevie uses the framework of death as our north star for living presently and fully. They love holding community through transitions of all kinds through this work!

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