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Hi, I'm Shruti!


I am a tropical astrologer practicing in the US and I offer private natal chart astrology readings, educational workshops and group coaching!


My readings are a collaborative process invoking my background in formal study of international history and political economy with an emphasis on collective, queer, ecofeminist and disability-centered justice!


My one on one readings and group programming prioritize practical and accessible forms of support using the unique, customized nature of our birth chart as a tool for self reflective healing and growth!

I do one time readings or monthly readings depending on if you want a general (but very thorough) overview or a reoccurring deep dive!

My Offerings

My online workshops and one on one readings focus on:

  • illuminating your life purpose

  • illustrating sustainable stress management practices

  • mapping the moon’s transits through your chart and all the creative manifesting magic you can tap into!

You can find my offerings and schedule a reading here:

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For more information & registration: