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Read what clients say!


"Every workshop of yours that I’ve had the chance to attend has been VERY constructive. It’s all from a place that nurtures vulnerability in a way that promotes growth, instead of vulnerability for the sake of vulnerability. It’s treated as a natural state instead of a rare indulgence and THAT is the striking difference."

"Most importantly the concept of Lilith helped me put a name to so many experiences I’ve had in my life that almost seemed unrelated without further examination and now I see them all as conflicts related to Lilith: ie, related to living in an ableist patriarchy that keeps trying to chew me up and spit me out and related to trying to move past that and to get back in touch with my emotions and my spiritual side, especially as someone who has been shut down as a survival mechanism for so long!!


I feel like you presented Lilith as like an astrological hero’s journey but make it ~healing the feminine wound~ and addressed the conflicts, the climax, and ultimately the self and community care techniques that we all need to partake in to reach our peaceful resolution."

Life Purpose

“Shruti helped me contextualize a lot of my unspoken questions through the life purpose/12th house reading. I’ve always felt like I didn’t have a place in the world, as if I was always suspended in mid-air. I also felt so insecure in my endeavors and accomplishments, because of some serious imposter syndrome. But Shruti helped me realize that this derives from the vastness of my 12th house placements. She explained how this was all laying the foundation for me to achieve my highest purpose of creating structural change through advocacy and education. In order to bridge the disconnect between the two, she gave me insight on the things I need to overcome/heal from in order to wield my strengths and power. This also allowed me to give myself permission to be bold and let go of a lot of pain. After my 12th house/life purpose reading, I’m starting to notice things unravel that will directly lead me to my highest purpose. I’m way more confident in myself and my capacity to be the best version of myself in every role I embody--as a human, a relative, a friend, an advocate, etc. And I feel affirmed and empowered to take on new challenges because I know where it will lead me! This is something so important that I will always carry with me.”

"OMG my reading with Shruti was AMAZING. I loved all of the spiritual practices she shared with me and how she spoke about Patriarchy and Capitalism. It was really insightful and allowed space for me to think about my patterns and behaviors. Shruti is super personable and I definitely recommend you book your reading ASAP."

“My reading with Shruti was a delightful experience. I initially came into the reading with some prior knowledge about astrology/my birth chart but she really helped me understand the concepts. It was like she knew exactly what I needed to hear and actually made me quite emotional when we talked about certain aspects of my chart. She also gave me great suggestions in regards to healing and coping with some of my birth chart placements that I would never have thought to do. She’s also very sweet and soft-spoken so I was never intimidated and felt as ease to ask questions!”

Ask Me Anything

"I found out about Shrutrees through a content creator friend who had Shruti on an IG live. I have to be honest, I haven’t really followed astrology in my adult life because what I came across in the past seemed far too deterministic for my liking. But following Shruti on IG, everything I learned about Shruti’s approach for readings struck a chord and made so much sense to me. I love that Shruti describes every part of the process and the philosophy behind the readings. The “Ask Me Anything” reading was so powerful; from discussions about past traumas in the career part of my life to a big upcoming change in my life that I had many questions about. Shruti did explain that it would not be a predictive reading, rather a collaborative one with the understanding that I have agency in my own future.


I was astounded when Shruti located the past wounds on my chart. I had allowed those traumas to shape me for far too long, and having this reading done I was able to see that all the therapeutic work I have been doing on myself in the last many years has not been in vain. It’s good to have confirmation that I am headed in the right direction. The reading itself was so therapeutic and elucidated a path for me that I have wanted to follow but always felt conflicted about in the past. I am grateful for this time with Shruti and am so looking forward to the next reading!"

"I'm so grateful that I got a birthday and follow-up reading from Shroot! He illuminated so much for me in regards to my new transition into being an entrepreneur and small business owner. So much of moving into your own business is understanding your strengths and shadows without judgment. Shroot's non-judgmental, holistic, and connected approach helped me to not only discern these strengths but how to dig even deeper. I loved how Shroot looked at current and future transits. He connected how my natal chart relates to these transits for what's to come for me in the next year! I'm so much more grounded and excited about what's coming for me. Thanks Shroot!"

Mapping Moon Magic

“Shroot is an integral part of my care and support network. The readings are practical, challenging, comforting, and guiding. Not to mention, personal! I deeply appreciate Shroot’s commitment to studying world events, commitment to practicing anti-caste, anti-racist astrology and routinely connecting the personal to the collective.”

The Moon Mapping Magic readings have been such a wonderful addition to my monthly routines. I work with Shruti to understand my own innate cosmic alignment, so that I can bring my most authentic self to my personal and business decisions and activities. Shruti and her expertise have given me a new vocabulary and framework to operate within and have been powerful in understanding more of who I have been in the past, who I am today, and who I desire to evolve into in the future. It's been such a great addition to my exploration and decision-making process around how my business is expanding in particular, as it is a direct extension of how I desire to make a difference in the world that aligns not only with what I stand for, but that aligns with HOW I can thrive best in delivering my services. I look forward to every session with her, I always learn something new about myself and how I can bring forth my work in this world!

“This reading was really incredible! I was having some unusual problems, one could call them paranormal problems, and a lot of very intense dreams. I was only having these issues at night and once or twice a month at semi regular intervals. Shroot and I did the initial reading at the end of November, in which she mapped the moon in my transit chart to see if that could shed some light on the problem. She noticed in my chart that when the moon was in certain signs it activated my 12th and 8th house which was why once or twice a month on those intervals I was experiencing more paranormal activities than usual. She advised me to start keeping a dream journal so that the next time we met we could map the moon’s whereabouts and see if it might explain the source or meaning of my dreams. She also suggested I add additional protections and wards for those particular times of the month when the moon was in specific signs, and suggested a few different types of exercises or rituals I could do to help. 


We met again in mid December to see if the advice had helped, and to check my dream journal to interpret the dreams using the moon transits. To my surprise, since I started adding extra protections and setting boundaries, my paranormal problems have almost stopped, or are at least down to an acceptable level. Since I started writing down my dreams and encounters I have continued to notice the same pattern in the paranormal activity, but now I feel equipped and ready to deal with them. My dreams, once interpreted using the moon’s transit, lined up perfectly with the transits of my chart and the moon and helped me to identify areas in my life that I still need to work on. All in all, Shroot’s interpretations of my dreams were super helpful for my own personal growth and her astrological advice for my paranormal problems were correct and helped me feel safe in my home again!”

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