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Roadmap to Reclamation Success Spotlight: Celine B

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  1. What prompted you to commit to this program?

  2. "I had been following content from Shroot via social media for a while before finally attending a monthly New Moon workshop where I truly started to realize the depth of Shroot's work, and how impactful it can be. I booked a first time session and that was where I knew committing to a long term program would be the most beneficial because that first session really felt like we were just skimming the surface of bringing my dreams and goals into reality, and identifying my strengths and weaknesses to make those goals come to fruition."

  3. How did our sessions inspire or challenge you to grow?

  4. "My sessions with Shroot involved a deep, introspective look into my life values and delving deep into what barriers were preventing me from growing–especially in my career, personal relationships, and health struggles. Shroot gave me such valuable guidance into how to find more ease in my process of working through these challenges. I felt very held and supported even when it came to issues that are usually very triggering for me. I have so much more compassion for my insecurities and even more confidence in doing the things that scare me. This program has only been life changing in the best ways. Shroot's guidance has always been rooted in helping you to find what works best for you. Instead of telling you what to do to be "successful" she helps you define what success means to you and teaches you how to make decisions based on what you feel is authentic and resonates with you and no one else."

  5. What have you been able to achieve since you started the program?

  6. "Since I started the program, I have been able to make huge strides in my small business. I had been too afraid to make the leap to investing fully into my business and making myself more visible, but Shroot helped me build my confidence and courage to launch my health coaching and essentially build a system that takes into account my chronic illness, disabilities, ADHD/focus issues, and insecurities around worth. I am no longer afraid to make myself visible and I've learned to build a business that is authentic to my personal capacity and I'm finally feeling like I've found a path towards a sustainable future. Throughout this whole process, Shroot's approach to my growth has only ever been rooted in making me feel safe and to express myself vulnerably and without judgment. I couldn't express my gratitude more for what I have gained from this program."

  7. What about our sessions surprised you the most?

  8. "During sessions, I was most surprised about the depth of astrology. I never knew that much about astrology until I started sessions with Shroot, and after several sessions I realized it can be applied to every aspect of life and the layers that can be uncovered for each of those aspects are endless. I love how versatile, holistic, and well-rounded it is in the sense that you can see how different parts of your life are influencing your business goals, or even how certain times of the year will be best to push and work hard or to rest and restore. Shroot is especially adept at making sure not to make you feel trapped into what your chart says, but to help you see the different options you can pursue to achieve your goals."

In recurring Zoom sessions spanning 6 months, Roadmap to Reclamation teaches you how to build systems within the confines of your existing life that make space for the wholeness of your human experience. Leave each session feeling energized and grounded after attaining clarity on what is happening to you in the greater context of your life and what options you have to navigate it. Create a life for yourself that centers your agency, healing, and fulfillment at the forefront.

Are you ready to build a life, not just a career?

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