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Chiron Workshop

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Chiron in astrology refers to a minor planet orbiting between Saturn and Uranus in our solar system. Also called the Wounded Warrior, Chiron is a pain point illuminating our relationship to our egoic wound (also known in society as our masculine wound). In our natal charts, Chiron's location uncovers the ways we can reject or avoid this egoic wound in deference to power.


This digital workshop is an introduction for all* on how we can tap into our relationship to our egoic wound, and confront our dysregulated relationship to power. Learn about and deconstruct Chiron's history and use in astrology as a tool for self reflection and growth.

We talk about how this wounded relationship to power was constructed as a fear inspiring tool used to perpetuate societal norms. This minor planet is known to be tiny and erratic, and when left unaddressed, has a similar effect on our mental and spiritual selves. The social construction around Chiron relies on agitation generated by overwhelming feelings of shame, unworthiness and inadequacy.


We also discuss ties to our education system. Chiron in our natal charts points to a wound disrupting our ability to co-create secure attachment, especially with authority figures. We can trace a clear lineage from our attachment styles to our experiences and relationships with the predominant education systems around the world as we know them.


Have you ever felt like you've struggled with your relationship to your inner self and inner voice? This is an example of one way Chiron in our natal chart can condition us.


​We take the history of this social construction as well as the astrological context to ground these lessons into our personal lives for healing, and understanding our place in the bigger picture. 

This digital workshop self-examines our relationship to authority and explores the healing lessons offered to us through our own Chiron placements in our natal charts.


The focus is on healing and dismantling the framework that we are so familiar with.


Join me in redefining our relationship to Chiron, power, authority, domination and control!


*You must be 18 years of age or older to sign up for the Chiron Workshop due to the sensitive topics discussed.

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