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Mapping Moon Magic:
New Moon Workshop

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Let’s talk Mapping Moon Magic! There is an uncanny correlation between the Moon’s location in our Natal Chart and what is happening to us in both the material realm and subconscious dream realm. The moon changes sign about every 2.5 days, returns to the same sign once a month, then returns to the same sign in the New or Full phase every 6 months and finally returns to the same sign in the same phase every 1 year. The ecliptic orbital pattern of the moon spans about 2 years.

These predictable cycles allow us an opportunity to visit and revisit the themes that come up for us in each sign and house in our own natal chart. New Moon Manifestations each month give us an opportunity to set intentions that hone in the focus of our energy for the next 6 months to 1 or even 2 years!

New Moon Manifesting is about devoting time and space once a month to set an intention to emotionally open yourself up to where you’d like to go next. Approaching changes from a place of persistent curious reception and self reflection instead of blame, negative self talk, shame and the fear of rejection allows you the opportunity to genuinely feel like your goals are within your reach. It also opens you up to recognize what it looks like to actually reach your goals!

This monthly online workshop for all levels of experience gives you:

  • Horoscope for the month coupled with practical ways to apply the horoscope to your self and your relationships with other people.

  • A thorough breakdown of rituals, including a rational explanation from a former skeptic (me) on what value rituals can bring to our lives.

  • Easy to follow, clear instructions for how to conduct a New Moon Ritual complete with opening, sample intentions and closing.

Join me at the New Moon Workshop and learn a procedure for building systems in your life to create emotional space for change!

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