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Roadmap to Reclamation

An Astrological Self Discovery Journey

We live so much of our lives hyper-focused on our career advancement or family responsibilities. In this busy and hectic world, it's easy to lose touch with the complexity of ourselves and our connection to our human experience. Roadmap to Reclamation: An Astrological Self Discovery Journey is here to reconnect you with your authentic self and illuminate how best to align yourself with your goals and the multifaceted nature of your life.

Build a life, not just a career.

Roadmap to Reclamation is a six month one-on-one coaching program where we co-create a safe space and engage astrology from a historical, structural, and social justice-oriented perspective. Using the customized nature of your birth chart as a point of reflection, I help you to build systems that create emotional space for life’s transitions and cultivate self-trust in your ability to confidently navigate anything thrown your way.


This program is excellent for busy entrepreneurs, career professionals, caregivers, and change-makers in any industry. It could also be for you if you are interested in self-reflective transformation in a highly structured and intensive environment.

In this program, we will use astrology to:

  • Build a language to understand complex, nuanced emotions and experiences.

  • Cultivate a personalized self-trust toolkit to navigate internal and external changes.

  • Deepen your understanding of your purpose and place in the world from historically and present day informed lenses.

  • Gain further clarity into parts of your life that you want to dig deeper into.

  • Transcend the draining energy of unsupportive habits, communities, and environments. 

  • Learn to nurture and protect your unique light and offerings in this world.

  • Open you up to embrace the seasons of your life and the differing expectations of each season.


What you get out of Roadmap to Reclamation:

  • A definitive road map on how to build structure, self-care and community support.

  • Detailed plan of action on how to prioritize decisiveness and flexibility in all matters.

  • Access to my New Moon Manifestation Workshops: a monthly community space for people who subvert the status quo just by being themselves with the purpose of reminding each other that more is out there than what we think is possible for ourselves. Workshops include a monthly horoscope full of practical ways to apply it, monthly new moon intentions and the facilitation of a new moon ritual in a warm, supportive community setting. 

  • A balanced understanding of how to leverage the use of both intellectual reasoning and intuitive openness.

  • Drastically increased confidence in yourself and your capacity to be the best version of yourself in every role you embody--as a human, a leader, a partner, a relative, a friend, an advocate, etc.

  • Feeling re-invigorated and empowered after each session, leaving you excited to dive into the weeks ahead.

  • A new vocabulary and framework to operate within to understand a holistic view of who you have been in the past, who you are today, and who you desire to evolve into in the future.

  • Trust in your ability to take on new challenges.

Program Structure

  • Two 90 Minute Private Coaching Sessions every month for 6 months (with the option to renew)

  • Weekly Direct Message Check In (via any app or platform of your choice)

  • Free access to monthly community workshops and backlog library of past workshops

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Meet Your Coach

I’m Shruti (she/her/he/him) and I am a tropical astrologer and mindset/somatics coach practicing in the US. I offer private natal chart astrology readings, educational workshops and private coaching.


My one-on-one readings, private coaching and group programming all prioritize practical and accessible forms of support using the unique, customized nature of our birth chart as a tool for self reflective healing and growth.


Sessions with me are a collaborative process invoking my background in formal study of international history and political economy with an emphasis on collective, queer, ecofeminist and disability-centered justice.



“I have always enjoyed experimenting on my mental health + spiritual journey, and have played around with hypnosis, reiki, different modes of therapy, and more- and I have to say that when it comes to tangible guidance on ways I can healthily move through the world, and support myself physically/emotionally/spiritually, Shroot is seriously unmatched. His expertise in astrology, combined with his non-judgmental, intuitive guidance, makes my appointments with him one of the best parts of my year.”

“I came across Shruti's work on Instagram last year and I was a huge admirer of his approach to astrology from the very beginning. It was evident that Shruti was not placing himself as a guide above his clients, but rather someone who works alongside you to co-create a safe space and engage astrology from a historical, structural, and social justice-oriented perspective. Earlier this year, I took the leap from receiving Shruti's weekly astrological updates to working with him one-on-one and it has been an immensely positive experience for me. Shruti is deeply knowledgeable, communicates complex astrological concepts in a simple manner, and is such a kind person. I often feel re-energized and empowered after our sessions and ready to tackle the month ahead. If you seek to do any meaningful work with astrology as a tool or lens, I highly recommend seeking out Shruti's services.”

“I work with Shruti to understand my own innate cosmic alignment, so that I can bring my most authentic self to my personal and business decisions and activities. Shruti and her expertise have given me a new vocabulary and framework to operate within and have been powerful in understanding more of who I have been in the past, who I am today, and who I desire to evolve into in the future. It's been such a great addition to my exploration and decision-making process around how my business is expanding in particular, as it is a direct extension of how I desire to make a difference in the world that aligns not only with what I stand for, but that aligns with HOW I can thrive best in delivering my services. I look forward to every session with her, I always learn something new about myself and how I can bring forth my work in this world!”

“Shroot is an integral part of my care and support network. The readings are practical, challenging, comforting, and guiding. Not to mention, personal! I deeply appreciate Shroot’s commitment to studying world events, commitment to practicing anti-caste, anti-racist astrology and routinely connecting the personal to the collective.”

“You have literally changed my life with your readings. I’m not sure I’d be at this point of understanding myself or capacity, strength and power without them.”

$3,000/mo for 6 months
(save 25% off your first month if paid in full!)

Are you ready to build your Roadmap to Reclamation?
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