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Weekly Horoscope for the Week of 3/14/22

Welcome back to your weekly horoscope sweet trees and darling roots! This week is a week about both dreaming big and feeling upset at all the reminders that we are not in control of the events unfolding around us. Where do you put your frustration when things don’t go the way you want them to?

On Sunday, March 13th, the Sun conjuncts Neptune in Pisces. This transit lends you a gigantic opportunity for daydreaming and stepping outside the bounds of linear time. For the next day or two, relish in the reality that sometimes just being able to dream unencumbered can be enough.

Monday, March 14th, Mercury in Pisces squares Ceres in Gemini. This transit, especially off the heels of the Sun-Neptune conjunction, provides the opportunity to ask yourself whether the spaces that your mind occupies are either nourishing or draining you. Are you blaming yourself for environmental circumstances outside of your control? Can you cultivate a practice of self-forgiveness for your inability to be everything at once for everyone else?

On Wednesday, March 16th, Pallas is conjunct Chiron in Aries. Pallas is the non-binary associated asteroid and can show us where in our life we find ourselves subverting societally enforced gender roles. Chiron rules the erratic egoic wound, or masculine wound. Chiron is representative of a nagging voice of negative self talk that only grows in irritation if we cringe away from confronting it. Pallas conjunct Chiron in Aries asks us to reflect on how we talk to ourselves about the ways we subvert gender roles. Is your self-talk supportive of your authentic self expression? Or are you passing judgment at the ways your self expression subverts societal gender roles? (For more information on the origin of the Chiron wound and tips to cope, check out my upcoming Chiron Workshop in April, or purchase the Workshop Digital Download from the Shrutrees shop!)

From Thursday, March 17th to Tuesday, March 22nd, multiple planets aspect Uranus. Uranus rules unexpected upsets, irreversible breakdowns, technological advancements and rebellious change. Having three Uranus transits back to back reminds us of just how little in our life we can control. Relinquish control of the outcomes of the events unfolding around you and make decisions in accordance with your values.

This Friday’s Full Moon is an opportunity to release outdated patterns of negative thinking. Step into the astrological new year without the limitations of harmful self talk! Allow yourself the opportunity to let go of any thought process that prevents you from expressing yourself to the fullest.

Saturday is the last day of Pisces Season! I would suggest reflecting on the past month but frankly if you remember it at all that is a paramount achievement worth celebrating in of itself! Hold yourself in high regard for having made it this far, imperfections and all!

Don’t forget to sign up for the one day Lilith Workshop either this Saturday or next Saturday! Lilith in astrology refers to our chaotic feminine wound produced by the historical lineage of patriarchal violence! Come learn the history of this phenomenon and how to use the astrology of Black Moon Lilith as a self reflective tool for healing and growth. Sign up at this link and use code SHRUTREES for 30% off!


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