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Roadmap to Reclamation

Have you reached tremendous success or milestones in your career? Do you feel like you’ve achieved many of the goals you set out to accomplish? Did that success come at the cost of other aspects of your life, like your hobbies, personal relationships, or even a relationship to yourself?

Do you feel empty and/or dissatisfied, and despite your very real achievements, does something still feel missing from your life? Do you ever wonder what it could look like to find both fulfillment and balance in the midst of crushing your career advancement? 

To be human is to live through a vast multitude of different experiences. Learning to cultivate a holistic approach to fulfillment–beyond career success–is an essential skill to enjoying the fruits of your hard-earned labor. If you intend to find more balance only when you retire, how will you know how to relax without building those habits in advance?

What could it look like to carve out dedicated time in your busy schedule to reconnect with the parts of yourself and your life that were pushed aside in the pursuit of your goals? How could you benefit from customizing a strategy based on your unique expressions, emotions and experiences? Self-reflective astrology is a powerful, contemplative tool to reunite with the parts of your life that extend beyond your career achievements. 

How it feels to build a Roadmap to Reclamation: 

Through a customized plan of action tailored to your personal natal chart, discover just how powerfully a resilient, loving relationship with yourself can transform every element of your life. Explore the value of the magic found in the most mundane aspects of life, like the beauty of a sunrise, or the inter-connectivity of being in nature. Meet people in alignment with your values and learn how to make time to deepen your pre-existing relationships. Take control of your perception of yourself and release the expectations you’ve inherited from the society you grew up in. Let go of attachment to the fear that you aren’t doing enough. Experiment with what play and pleasure look like for you in each phase of your life.

In recurring Zoom sessions spanning 6 months, Roadmap to Reclamation teaches you how to build systems within the confines of your existing life that make space for the wholeness of your human experience. Leave each session feeling energized and grounded after attaining clarity on what is happening to you in the greater context of your life and what options you have to navigate it. Create a life for yourself that centers your agency, healing, and fulfillment at the forefront. 

Roadmap to Reclamation identifies the optimal times to make moves in different sectors of your life:

  • Money: what time of year is best suited to launch new propositions

  • Health: know when to relax and when to push the envelope

  • Relationships: identify how to find balance in your relationships and how to deepen your relationships.

Are you ready to build a life, not just a career? 

Click here to find more information and book a discovery call:


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