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Weekly Horoscope for the Week of 4/11/22

Welcome back to your weekly horoscope sweet trees and darling roots! It is a doozy of a week full of shifts, mystery and some good ole full moon magic!

On Sunday, April 10th, Mercury moved into Taurus. Mercury rules our mind and communication and until April 29th, we can expect a period of time where our focus is on sensory pleasures with resistance to change. Taurus is a fixed sign and fixed signs are all about preservation. Don’t be surprised if your mind spends more time thinking about how to keep what you already have going, as opposed to starting anything new. Use this transit to tend to ongoing projects that need your time, attention and devotion.

On Monday, April 11th, Saturn in Aquarius squares the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio. This transit is a major one, commanding us to consider whether the structures upholding how we live our lives are moving us toward our destiny and purpose, or enabling us to repeat limiting patterns that make us feel like we are swimming in circles. How can you establish and communicate boundaries that empower your vision of what your future looks like for you instead of serving the visions that others have for you?

Tuesday, April 12th is the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. This transit is tremendous. If your dreams have been on an extra level of ludicrous, this transit is why. Jupiter and Neptune both rule our dreams and find themselves extremely powerful together in their home sign of Pisces. This transit bursts the doors of possibility wide open, in a direct attack of what we consider rationally conceivable. This is not a good week to let logic and reason take the wheel. This is the week to accept the multiplicity of life, that the irrational can still be real, that things making sense will never be the sole driver of existence. Life is not neat and tidy and this transit will be sure to remind you of just how wild it is to be alive.

On Thursday, April 14th, Mars joins the Pisces party. Mars is the planet ruling action and the energy we bring to everything we do. It rules passion and aggression, or as I like to call it, fucking and fighting. Mars in Pisces, present with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune promises an all encompassing experience of every feeling and sense that consciousness has to offer. Expect to feel many sensations all at once, to be pulled in multiple directions at the same time, and run the risk of feeling lost amidst everything going on inside and all around you.

On Saturday, April 16th, the Moon is full in Libra! The Full Moon in Libra asks us to shed all the promises we make to other people at the expense of our wellbeing. Examine the way you relate to the people in your life. Do you make yourself overly available to other people at the expense of your own needs? Do you prioritize solving other people’s problems because feeling needed is where you derive your sense of value? Do you struggle to share your burdens with the people in your life that care about you because you don’t want to bother anyone? This transit asks us to release thoughts, feelings and behaviors that disturb the delicate balance between our sense of self and how we relate to other people.

With such tantalizing transits on the docket and Taurus season right around the corner, let this last week of Aries season be a reminder of the power of grounding into your body and into the present moment. Activities that bring you into your body like exercise, meditation, making lists, etc, will be crucial to stabilize you through all these sweltering changes. Do your best to bring yourself back into the present moment every day!


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