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Weekly Horoscope for the Week of 2/14/2022

Welcome back to your horoscope sweet trees and darling roots! This week promises much to think about and even more desire to take action! What strategies are your go to in times of intensity? How can you make these grounding activities a regular fixture of your week?

On Monday, February 14th, Mercury, the planet of our mind and communication, moves into future-focused Aquarius. Aquarius is a fixed and visionary sign preoccupied with a future that doesn't exist yet. Mercury is a planet focused on analyzing, processing and organizing information. Mercury feels most comfortable in signs with much greater flexibility. As a result, expect an increase in rigidity regarding your thinking as well as the tendency to overthink until Wednesday, March 9th.

Aquarius is traditionally ruled by the discipline oriented Saturn. Leaning into routines can help ease the intensity of this Mercury transit. Do your best to focus more on rituals and routines that care for your physical self and the people who reciprocate care in your life as opposed to ruminating on the future that you wished existed.

Wednesday, February 16th promises to be an explosive day for more than one reason. First up, Mars, the planet of fucking, fighting, agitation, passion and aggression, will conjunct Venus, the planet of beauty and relationships. This meeting takes place in Capricorn, a Saturn ruled sign. Any relationship status on the precipice of something, whether it is a makeup or breakup, will feel the push to take things to the next level. This transit is another reason grounding into care oriented rituals and routines will help this week.

Capricorn is a sign focused on diligent, step-by-step actions for the long game and greater goal. Mars is a reactive planet and Venus can be impulsive when overstimulated. A conjunction between these two planets means the likelihood of saying or doing something leading to consequences you'd rather not deal with down the line is high. Grounding activities this week like free writing your complex emotions, venting to loved ones, exercising, eating nourishing foods and staying hydrated can help you welcome this volatile transit from a place of integrity with your values.

The other reason February 16th promises to be a firework is the Full Moon in Leo. After the last few years we've had, there is bound to be a lot of emotions pent up in your heart begging to be released. The most optimal time for emotional release is 3 days before the Full Moon and 3 days after the Full Moon. This week is a great one to write out your pent up frustrations and destroy the paper. Fire rituals (with the proper safety procedures at the forefront) of burning this paper of frustrations can speed up the release process.

Friday February 18th also marks the beginning of Pisces season. This Pisces season promises to illustrate more possibilities to us than we can imagine currently. Be open to the expansive dreams that reach you this upcoming Pisces season, while remembering this week's grounding activities to help you keep one foot in your present day reality.

Allow the intense and unexpected nature of the transits this week to be your biggest self reflective teacher. Identify where you can put down all the complex, conflicting and interlocking emotions that come up. Be willing to take accountability for any actions that result from not processing these emotions. Use the intensity as an opportunity to remind yourself of the importance of both self care and reciprocal community care.

If you'd like to find out how to best support yourself through this week, book a reading with me at this link! You can use code FEBSALE to take 15% off the Ask Me Anything Reading until the end of February!


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