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Weekly Horoscope for the Week of 1/31/2022

Welcome back to your weekly horoscope sweet trees and darling roots! There is much ado in the sky this week and this month and in true Saturn-ruled Aquarius fashion, there is much required of you in response! Can you trust that the pursuit of forward movement is all you need to keep going? My favorite Aquarian anthem is Kanye's "slow motion better than no motion." How can you apply this principle to your current lived experiences?

Pay attention to the feelings that come up for you on Monday, January 31st, the New Moon in Aquarius. Are you feeling drained by the direction you are moving in? Will eventually reaching the outcome of what is draining you one day finally sustain you? Or can you take actions now to relinquish pursuit of an unsustainable path and set your sights on a future you can truly bank on?

The next 3 days are a potent time for new beginnings and rituals to mark these new beginnings. Reaffirm your commitment to the direction you're moving in or set the intention to pursue only that which will sustain you over time.

Tuesday, February 1st can offer you information about whether the relationships in your life sustain or drain you. Take a moment this Tuesday to meaningfully reflect on whether the people in your life add meaning and sustenance. What about the relationship you have with yourself? Do you have patterns and routines that are nourishing to your well-being or do you have an extractive relationship with yourself that leaves you exhausted and seeking escape?

Wednesday, February 3rd, Mercury—the planet ruling our mind and communication—goes direct after its first retrograde of the year. Clarity, which has already begun creeping in like the fog on a cold night, will only continue to tumble in with increasing consistency. Expect to see a pathway clear ahead of you regarding very core decisions you've had to face regarding your future and the direction you are choosing to go in.

While structural forces play a pertinent role in constraining our options, there will always be decisions within your control that only you can make. Be weary of relinquishing your control of your actions in response to dominating actors in your life like capitalism, people in power over you and abusers in your midst. Trust in your ability to choose in each moment, the people, places, and spaces that nourish you, sustain you, and bring you life.

This week is a powerful reminder that every day brings us the opportunity to choose to do something different. What can you do with that blessing instead of viewing it as a curse?


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