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Lilith in the Houses Part 1

Black Moon Lilith reveals the ways we've been disconnected from our authentic selves by society—it reveals our hidden shame. Where Lilith is located in our natal chart illuminates where in our lives we may become obsessive and hyperfixated, or lean away in extreme aversion. Other people play a key role in perpetuating this stigma. Societal stigma for not performing the roles assigned to us by society, and the collective shame and scapegoating can cause further trauma. If you don't know where Black Moon Lilith is in your chart, check out the tutorial linked below.

Here is a breakdown of how Lilith operates in each house of astrology!

1st House - House of the body e.g. appearance, outward personality.

Lilith in the 1st house points to a past in which your body has been made to feel like an unsafe space to inhabit. You might struggle with feeling safe and at home in your body, and may find yourself engaging in compulsive behaviors to avoid being present in your body.

2nd House - House of personal value e.g. cash on hand, possessions, values, skills.

Money, things and value are a huge point of trauma for Lilith in the 2nd house. You likely have struggled with dispossession of your valuables or possession of valuables on false grounds. Hyper fixation on what you don’t have can feel comforting even if extractive and exhausting. Hoarding can also feel like a safe fixation.

3rd House - House of inner and outer environment e.g. siblings, communication, learning.

Lilith in the 3rd house indicates you may find that you regularly do not feel safe in your immediate environments. You might feel that a safe environment that you consented to be in is just not within your grasp. You might even struggle to see what that safe environment could look like.

4th House - House of inner world, where you come from, story you tell about yourself e.g. home, parents, roots.

Lilith in the 4th house makes you feel unsafe sharing your true self with the world. It can feel safer to keep your true self and inner world private and can often lead to feelings of isolation, abandonment and loneliness. Very possible these unsafe feelings originated from your relationship with your parents.

5th House - House of passionate creativity e.g. romance, children, creativity.

Your creative process is a pain point for your Lilith in the 5th house. You have been made to feel that you are not safe creatively (or sexually) expressing yourself. This can create a hidden shame and you may find yourself unable to cultivate a relationship with your creative output. You may feel safer hiding or avoiding pursuit of a creative passion to paper over this wound.

6th House - House of health, daily life and day to day functions e.g. health, work, self improvement.

You may find your time being stretched beyond your reach without you even knowing what happened. You could be paranoid about how your time is spent and struggle to finish all the tasks you feel you need to complete to make it through the day.

7th House - House of one to one relationships e.g. friends, relationships, enemies, marriage.

Lilith in the 7th house implies a persistent insecurity in your one to one relationships and partnerships. You could struggle to share your true self with your partners, and you may close yourself off to partners who value you for your true self.

8th House - House of taboo topics e.g. sex, death, regeneration, taxes, other people’s money.

Other people’s bullshit and baggage is likely a pain point for you. The 8th house rules the exchanges we have with other people, so it’s not shocking that it houses topics considered extractive and taboo. Kinky sex, death, regeneration, investments, debt and taxes are all sites where Lilith in the 8th house feels resistance showing up as your full self. In environments where you are not made to feel safe, you will find yourself shamed for your engagements with these taboo topics.

9th House - House of inner and outer exploration e.g. higher education, travel, religion.

Lilith in the 9th house feels pure terror moving through big picture world systems such as higher education, religious institutions, and world travel. You may feel manipulated in these spaces and can find yourself fluctuating between seeking to be validated by these big systems and rejecting them altogether.

10th House - House of your highest trajectory in life e.g. career, status, purpose.

The 10th house refers to the part of you that operates in the most external and public facing part of your engagement with the world. Lilith in the 10th house implies that you have been ostracized for showing up as yourself in public. These past experiences can make being publicly seen, recognized, received and perceived feel extremely scary!

11th House - House of the social collective e.g. groups, goals, aspiration.

Lilith in the 11th house has to do with historically being persecuted in your larger community spaces. You may go to extreme lengths seek validation and acceptance from your larger community, like on public facing social media, only to end up feeling more isolated/persecuted when the validation you crave eludes you. You might also go the other extreme, entirely rejecting forms of public community connection and feeling safer if you keep to yourself.

12th House - House of the subconscious universe e.g. Solitude, transcendence, self sabotage, paranormal experiences, ancestors, punishing institutions, past lives.

Lilith in the 12th house implies both an extreme depth of your chaotic feminine wound—and also an opportunity for endings. Lilith is already referring to a void point in our lives that can be hard for us to recognize in ourselves. Having Lilith in the house that is hardest to recognize may make understanding and reflecting on it more difficult. You might find yourself with intense nightmares and fear of the supernatural, or maybe you’re obsessed with engaging with the subconscious universe to the point of putting yourself in danger spiritually!

Part 2 with suggestions coming soon! For more on Lilith, check out the Lilith Workshop here.


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