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How to Calculate Chiron

Chiron in astrology refers to a minor planet orbiting between Saturn and Uranus in our solar system. Also called the Wounded Healer, Chiron is a pain point illuminating our relationship to our egoic wound (also known in society as our masculine wound). In our natal charts, Chiron's location uncovers the ways we can reject or avoid this egoic wound in deference to power. Here are some basic instructions to identify the sign and house your own Chiron is in!

2. Enter your birth date, time and location & click 'Calculate chart'

3. Check the right hand panel for the sign & house # your Chiron is in!

Disclaimer: Astrology has historically and even presently been used as a tool of mass social control.

Many of the write ups on Chiron in the signs and houses sound deterministic and are not written from the perspective of you having agency!

If the interpretation you are reading makes you feel like there is no hope to cope with or confront your Chiron placement, do not take it as a fact about yourself.

Shrutrees Approach: I cultivated my astrology practice as a direct response and challenge to the linear, deterministic outlook on life that has been normalized by astrological interpretation for centuries.

My free weekly text horoscopes, monthly workshops, one on one readings and group coaching programs center your rights, agency and accessibility needs as a human being at the forefront.

Come learn the history and present day context of Chiron interpretations, as well as my dynamic take on how to successfully confront this egoic wound in my Chiron Workshop this December 11th, 2021!

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If you are interested in the intricate details of your own unique birth chart beyond these general explanations, Click Here to book a reading with me!

Feel free to email me with any questions or ask during the Q&A of the Chiron Workshop!


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