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This workshop unpacks the uncanny phenomenon of Lilith through history, storytelling, cultural practices over time and astrology.

Lilith represents the societal scapegoat, a distinction branded onto those who do not perform to the societal roles prescribed to them based on their assigned gender, culture and socioeconomic status at birth. Society responds to deviance of social norms through traumatic rejection, shame, patriarchal domination, and stigma.

Lilith is a figure illustrating how we respond to punishments (or even just the threat of punishments) from social deviance. She encompasses the disconnect from our bodies we are forced into, the exhausting feeling of being extracted from by society, the loneliness of abandonment, our secret and taboo desires, and how we can feel persecuted and ostracized for being our true selves.

Lilith ultimately seeks connection, release from constant dehumanizing persecution, safety, rest, reciprocity and healing through community.

The Lilith workshop traces the historical and cultural formation of this phenomenon and how storytelling around Lilith has changed over time. We also shed light on how to use astrology as a self reflective tool to release the expectation of conforming to our prescribed roles within society and reorient ourselves toward what is important to us through the healing power of community.

We talk Mesopotamian origins, 70’s feminist Jewish revival, and Lilith’s, MANY mistellings and misconceptions. The workshop features international historical examples, like Sita from the Ramayana as well as modern day pop culture examples such as Megan Fox and Representative AOC. Finally, we ground all of this by reflecting on our own natal charts with the rise of #BlackMoonLilith and its use as a tool for self reflection, healing and growth in modern tropical astrology.

While I know that sounds like a LOT—don’t worry—this Workshop is welcome to all (over the age of 18) levels of historical or astrological exposure—even total beginners!

Find resources on how to calculate your own Lilith placement, as well as a breakdown of what your Lilith's sign and house placement can mean for you at Workshop Resources.

*You must be 18 years of age or older to sign up for the Lilith Workshop due to the sensitive topics discussed.


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Lilith Workshop

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