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Welcome to Shrutrees

Understanding the Past to Change the Future


My Approach to Astrology

We all want to live our best lives, but often find ourselves feeling unfulfilled due to stress. We can be overwhelmed by what “living our best lives” means for us, how we can get there, or if it’s even possible under the constraints of daily life and the structure of society. 


Astrology can function as a road map or spiritual compass to help clarify your perspective on your life! Every single birth chart is unique and the dynamic nature of astrology allows us to extract and analyze information about ourselves that can help us find clarity and fulfillment.

I offer private coaching, one-on-one readings, and community workshops rooted in using astrology as a self reflective tool to illuminate the following:

  • Understanding how you think and communicate

  • Practical and accessible activities and rituals customized for your unique creative expansion

  • Sustainable coping strategies

  • Past life and ancestral healing recommendations

There is so much information about ourselves and our extremely human nature that can be gleaned from the natal chart! 

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