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Weekly Horoscope for the Week of 3/07/2022

Welcome back to your weekly horoscope sweet trees and darling roots!

Last week was a reminder to us of how deeply interconnected we are with the people in our lives. Understanding what we want from ourselves and the people in our lives and clearly communicating is essential to navigate Pisces season. This month provides a conflict-heavy atmosphere on a micro and macro level.

Everybody is fighting about their vision of the future and power grabs are being made all over the place. Ground into your vision of the future by allowing your mind to be a place to visualize what it looks like to expand beyond what you think is possible within the confines of capitalist patriarchal society.

This is a good week to explore relational exchanges with the people in your life! Set up friend dates, try new activities and be open to refreshing possibilities unfolding before you!

From around Thursday to Sunday, pay attention to an increased tendency to act in unexpected ways in an attempt to soothe buried wounds. If you notice yourself reacting impulsively to events happening in your life, carve out some time with trusted people and/or your journal to contemplate what true wounds you are responding from.

One source driving our tendency to react from our underlying wounds is captured through Lilith in astrology. Lilith is one manifestation of an archetype representing all the ways patriarchy has damaged our connections to our maternal lineages of community care. Come learn about the Lilith archetype in this month’s Lilith Workshop!

The ONE DAY Lilith Workshop is a new space to explore the underlying concepts that drive our communities and societies. Together we will use history and astrology to explore how this specific archetype plays out on an interpersonal level, a familial level, a community level and a structural level.

We’ll talk Mesopotamian origins, 70’s feminist Jewish revival, and Lilith’s, MANY mistellings and misconceptions. This workshop features international historical examples, like Sita from the Ramayana as well as modern day pop culture examples such as Megan Fox and Representative AOC. Finally, we will ground all of this by reflecting on our own natal charts with the rise of Black Moon Lilith and its use as a tool for self reflection, healing and growth in modern tropical astrology.

Sign up at this link and use code SHRUTREES for 30% off!


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